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My Story

Watercolour  artwork of a person sitting under a tree.

When I was young, I would lie in bed daydreaming about having the ability to heal people.  I would envision myself placing my hands on someone and being able to take away whatever was bothering them.  However, that was just a silly fantasy.....or was it?

In 2016, I had a meltdown at my corporate job. Back-to-back projects that required endless amounts of overtime had burnt me out. Did I take a stress leave? Of course not, I once again lied to myself saying it would all be all right. It did, however, start me on my spiritual journey. 

In 2017, I discovered that when I placed my hands on a body, I could feel energy and tell if it was out of alignment. My intuition told me to sit with the energy and when I did, it came into balance. I set out on a quest to discover what my natural ability was. A series of events led me to someone that was able to tell me I was doing Polarity Therapy and that there was a school close by that taught a multi-year program. I had never heard of this modality before and was surprised to find out that one of the very few places that teaches it was only an hour drive from where I live.


 Having a natural ability is amazing however, I wanted to understand how and what I was doing. 3 years and 1500+ hours later, I can proudly call myself a Polarity Therapy Professional.

My Polarity Therapy Journey

The beauty of going to school to learn Polarity Therapy is that you receive lots of sessions from your classmates.  When I look back at who I was then and who I am now, I feel like a new person.  The reality of the situation is that I am not a new person.  Over my lifetime, I had held on to suppressed and repressed emotions, experiences not fully processed and other non-beneficial energy that was not mine.  This unconsciously and unknowingly changed who I truly was.  Polarity Therapy has peeled back the layers to reveal who I really am.  The release of numerous energy  blockages allowed for more of my own soul's light to return.


My most memorable school weekend was in the 1st year when we were learning about the Fire Element.  I released an enormous amount of non-beneficial energy and heat from my Fire Chakra (aka Solar Plexus Chakra).  I walked away feeling so open and expanded in my chest.  I had no idea that I was an angry person until after I released an enormous amount of it.  Looking back, I now realize that for many years, I would wake up feeling irritated.  That irritation grew into anger throughout the day as almost everything that happened bothered me.  It was such a relief to no longer feel that way.  I frequently catch myself laughing at things that used to really bother me.  As well, I now realize that some things are really not that big of a deal or are out of my control.

In the beginning, it was if I started seeing things for the first time or how I once did as a child.  I had taken my dog for walks many times and then all of a sudden, I saw trees and nature in an entirely different way.  It is hard to fully explain, it was like before everything was in black and white and now it was in colour and so beautiful.  As well, I started to have many instances of being aware of what I was doing and saying.  It is like I was no longer fully immersed in the experience and instead had taken 1 or 2 steps back and was watching.  This lead to me being able to respond to situations instead of react.  Or, if I happened to react to something I was aware of it happening and was able to go back and discuss the situation with the person.  I also started having more compassion for myself and others.  The list goes on....

Watercolour  artwork of a person at the beginning of a path.  The path is the colour of the chakras

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.

~Barbara Haines Howett~

Blue butterfly
Watercolour artwork of a person standing on top of the world with a pink heart behind them

My Energy Medicine Education

Polarity Therapy Level 1 and 2,  2018 - 2020

Energy Healing Facilitator, Level 1, 2020

Brain Gym 101, 2018

Lomi Lomi, 2018

Touch for Health Level 1 and 2,  2018

BEAM Therapy, 2017

Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree, 2016 - 2017

My Associations

Canadian Polarity Therapy Association 

International Polarity Therapy Alliance (IPEA)

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