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Polarity Therapy

Dr. Randolph Stone

Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981) was an Osteopath, Chiropractor and Naturopath who was dissatisfied by a physical adjustment providing relief at the time however would most likely resurface at a later day requiring further adjustment.  He developed Polarity Therapy after 50 years of study and practice in medicine and Eastern ancient healing systems.  The word “Polarity” was chosen to describe electromagnetic energy and the ideas underlying the ancient health systems of the East including Ayurvedic medical concepts and philosophy from India. 

  • Polarity Therapy balances life energy within the body in a holistic manner on all levels:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  When a person’s energy is in balance, they are healthy.  When their energy is blocked, they experience stress, pain, agitation, tension and dis-ease.

  • Polarity Therapy is based on a theory that there is a pattern of energy in the human body which forms a blueprint that the body uses when healing itself.  If energy becomes distorted or blocked, Polarity Therapy releases the blocks and balances the flow so that your body can then heal itself.

  • Polarity Therapy is a health building system that enhances health, reduces stress and the underlying cause.  When this happens, disease(s) can disappear spontaneously and be replaced by an enhanced sense of well-being.

  • For movement to occur, there must be a push (+) and a pull (-) through a space (Ø).  In a magnet, the energy flows from one pole to the other pole thru a neutral space. If a magnet is cut in half, the poles change and another full magnet is created.  

    • In our body are cells and within each cell are atoms.  Every cell and atom are positive (+), negative (-) and neutral (Ø), just like a magnet.  

    • When a Polarity Practitioner places their hands/fingers on 2 places of the client’s body, they redirect the flow of energy to where it is needed.  

    • The energy can flow front to back, up or down, side to side, etc. depending on where the hands/fingers are placed.  

    • When the Practitioners hands are on the client’s body, they are, “cutting the magnet in half” (the poles change according to where the hands/fingers are placed).

  • The Polarity Therapy Practitioner is a facilitator who assists the client in bringing their energetic and physical imbalances into equilibrium.  The Practitioner’s energy is not given or channeled, it is only used as a model for the client’s energy by assisting the client to draw in or release energy for themselves.

  • Polarity Therapy sessions can be provided in-person or through distance healing.  Regardless of how you receive the session, the results and benefits are the same.  

Person with chakras and oval fields identified on the body
3 persons each with 1 of the 3 currents drawn on their body.
1 person with all 3 currents drawn on the body at the same time


Sher Smith ~ Polarity Therapy, An introduction to Polarity Therapy 

Sher Smith ~ Polarity Therapy, Level 1 Certification Training Program

Franklyn Sills ~ The Polarity Process, Energy As A Healing Art 

Alan Siegel ~ Polarity Therapy, Healing with Life Energy

Orange Torquise Gradient

“Polarity Therapy understands the body as consciousness and works with the person as an evolving spiritual being……The bodywork session serves as a space for working with issues in the individual’s process of evolution and Self-actualization.  Issues of health and disease are understood as components of the person’s evolutionary/Self-actualization process.”

“Working with the body is an effective way of working with the emotions and mind toward liberation through Self-realization”

“…..our bodies are a screen on which we project our emotional life.  All of our emotions are registered through corresponding states of body tension.  Each thought and emotion is a subjective state of openness or resistance that sends messages of relaxation or tension to our body.”

~ Bruce Burger ~

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