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My Approach

Although I was taught how to do formal client assessments, I prefer to use my intuition and listen to the client's body to provide direction for the session.

My intention for all sessions is to assist my client in bringing their energy closer to the vibrational frequency of love, to experience a greater sense of freedom and to take the path of least resistance. This intention does not set any restrictions and just allows for the client to release and let go.

I invite all of my clients to also set their own positive intentions for their sessions.  Your body knows exactly what it needs to let go of and the order it needs to be done in however, setting your intention may assist with this process.

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My Approach

Before Your Session

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In the days leading up to your session, it is possible that your body prepares for the releases.  This is a positive sign that your body is looking forward to your decision to let go and heal.

You may experience this preparation in different ways:

  • Excitement in your heart chakra

  • Nervous or jittery energy in anticipation of your session

  • A recall of an experience or various memories you have not thought of in a long time

  • You may cry with/without knowing why

Before You Session

In-person session:

  • Think of a positive intention

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • You will be lying on a comfortable massage table fully clothed with a blanket (optional)

  • Put your cell phone on silent

Distance healing session:

Distance healing is just as effective and has the same results as in-person healing.

  • Think of a positive intention

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Find a place that you can lie down, be comfortable and not be disturbed

  • Have a glass of water close by in case you are thirsty

  • You may want to have some tissues close by

  • Put your cell phone on silent


I choose to do distance healing via a video call (Zoom).  You will recevie an email appointment with a Zoom link that you will use to access the meeting.  The session will begin with a brief conversation with the video on so that we may see each other. We will then turn the video off, you will lie down and put on music if you wish.  I will verbally tell you my hand placements during the session so that you feel involved with the process.  When the 1 hour session is complete, we will turn the video back on to have a quick review of the session.

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Preparing For Your Session

Preparing For Your Session
In Person
Distance Healing

During Your Session

During your session, as your body shifts energy and releases energy blockages you may experience some of the following:

  • Relaxation, a sense of peace and calmness

  • Sighing, yawning and taking deep breathes

  • Muscle twitches

  • Heat exiting from or coming into a part of your body

  • A feeling of pressure or heaviness in a part of your body that dissipates

  • A feeling that your body is vibrating (a felt sense of energy flowing)

  • An awareness of energy flowing thru your body in different patterns

  • An awareness of a feeling of sadness or anger that is  being released

  • Falling asleep (please honour your body and allow for this to happen)

  • Feeling like you are floating above the table

  • Feeling like your body is heavy and unable to move (do not be alarmed, your body is asleep and your mind is partially awake)

  • Feeling like your entire body is moving (e.g. in a full circle, tilted backwards, etc) even though you are lying still

NOTE:  Polarity Therapy is primarily a passive therapy which means you do not need to know what you are letting go of in order to release it.  However, there may be times that your body would like for you to be aware:

  • You may see quick clips of various memories

  • You may release tears or cry with/without knowing why.  Please honour your body as it releases suppressed/repressed emotions as this aides in your healing process

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During Your Session
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