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Energy Blockages

What is an Energy Block?

Many people have suppressed and repressed feelings and emotions stored in their body.  What a person thinks, feels, believes and fears affects their health and can create blocks in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields.

Obstructions to the currents of energy result in stagnation, fermentation of the waste in the tissues, decay and ultimately pain and dis-ease.  The release of these blockage reestablishes the natural healing powers of the body which result in a return to a natural state of health.

Why Do We Suppress & Repress Feelings?

In our younger years, if our feelings were hurt or we did not like something we, were taught to forget about it, ignore it, it doesn’t matter, etc.    Unfortunately, denying these feelings did not make them go away, they became repressed and suppressed.  The experiences we are having in our lives today are the effects caused by those unresolved feelings we denied.  These feelings will remain the source of our unresolved conflicts and rule our thought patterns, our beliefs and our attitudes until we release them and let them go.  

How Energy Blocks May Affect You

When negative/fear-based feelings or thoughts are repressed and repressed, the perfect energy patterns of the body are impacted.  A block is created and this block obscures the memory of perfection in the cells which then influences our behaviour and health.  Every time a negative feeling, thought or belief is reexperienced and revalidated, the energy surrounding the original block is reinforced and compounded.  These energy blocks grow becoming larger and more powerful unless the energy for that block is changed.  These energy blocks are the cause of our problems, our challenges in life and our illnesses.


We do not get to choose when or which one of our repressed and suppressed feelings will resurface in our life.  These feelings will trigger choices and behaviour whether you recognize it or not.  These repressed and suppressed feelings are what create the challenges, the uneasiness, the dis-ease, the pain and the crisis situations in our lives.  As well, it is possible to experience one or more of these negative states at the same time (in our relationships, physical, financial or mental/emotional areas in our life).


Karol K. Truman ~ Feelings Buried Alive, Never Die


"Emotions are currents of energy that pass thru us."                                                                                                               ~ Gary Zukav ~

An uncomfortable Emotion + Resistance = Suffering                                                                                                              ~ Karla McLaren ~

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