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Outline of Mountains


"I am very particular these days with the healers I choose. Kelly's work is profound, my sessions with Kelly gave me a deep sense of clearing, healing, relaxation and inner peace. They also helped to open my channel of creativity even wider, which was a great unexpected bonus!"

Steve Ahnael Nobel

London, UK

Author, Spiritual Coach and Founder of Soul Matrix Healing



"I overheard someone raving about Kelly's healing touch and being a healer myself, was curious to experience her work.  I booked 3 sessions immediately and found her work to be amazing.  I did the sessions remotely but I could feel the energy moving in my body as she did her work.  In each session I released a lot and walked away feeling lighter, more open, and more content within myself.  I would highly recommend Kelly and will be booking more sessions."


Mary O'Dwyer

California, USA

Founder of Mary's Blue Door


"I had never heard of Polarity Therapy before going to see Kelly and I didn't know what to expect.  During my first session, I didn't really experience anything I could pinpoint and left wondering if anything that was supposed to have happened had.  I remember being in my kitchen about a hour and a half after getting home and taking a deep breath.  I noticed right away that I felt no tightness and no resistance in my chest.  It was the first clear and unrestricted breath I had in a while and it felt so freeing.  This was a big deal for me as my anxiety usually represents itself in my chest and can always feel it when I inhale deeply, until now.  I've seen Kelly now 15 times and I tell anyone willing to listen about my experience.  I truly believe her sessions have helped  me heal emotionally in ways that would not have been possible without it"

Ashely B

Ajax, ON

"Earlier this Spring I found myself defeated and hopeless. I was sick with multiple autoimmune issues, and feed-up with our medical system and all their drugs that were just making me sicker. I had lost 15 lbs and couldn’t walk further than the end of the driveway. I felt like I was just withering away, and no one knew how to help me. Then one day a neighbour whom I’d rarely spoken to outside of mere pleasantries, but whom had always intrigued me, met me on my driveway. Out of pure love and concern she offered her services to me in hopes to help heal what was going on through Polarity Therapy, something I had never heard of before and in all honestly was quite sceptical of - but also desperate - so I accepted her offer and I’m so thankful I did!!

To be honest, right up until my 3rd session I wasn’t fully convinced, but then in my 4th I had this incredible shift and I was hooked. Through this process not only have I been able to start to heal my gut, but I have also been able to release past traumas, hurts, and anger which have literally kept me stuck for many years.

While I still have a ways to go in my healing journey, I am no where near as desperate and discouraged as I was when I first started working with Kelly. The veil has lifted, and I can literally see clearer. I have learned to create healthy boundaries, I have a new found hope, and I feel like I have grown two inches taller into myself. Kelly is a beautiful and kind soul, and I am ever so grateful that I found her on my driveway that Sping day. I look forward to our continued work together. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough ❤️"

Sabrina K

Whitby, ON

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